T.J.’s Chimney Sweep was started in 1979 by Tim J. Robinson as a means of a second income and to get away from working in a factory. This was right at the time when the old oil embargo was well under way and the resurgence of wood stoves was taking place. I started working weekends sweeping chimneys. Back in those days all I had to learn from was a kit with a powerful soot sweeper, brushes and a study manual to help me along the way. I soon got laid off from the factory, so chimney sweeping, here I come!

It was slow at first trying to get my name out and with no experience in advertising or running a business. I got in with a stove dealer in New Palestine and by 1984 I had my first employee. I soon found out that a lot of chimneys were in need of repair and that most brick layers did not want to bother with a small job. In 1986, I went to an Indian Reservation in South Dakota to learn the basics of chimney repairs. In the meantime I also discovered that there was an organization of chimney sweeps called the National Chimney Sweep Guild which I joined, took a test and became certified.

By 1990 I now had a full time employee and also helped start the Indiana Chimney Sweep Guild where I made some good friends and fellow sweeps who followed a good code of ethics.

I now have my son, who is a journeyman brick layer, help me full time in all aspects of the business. Jolene Bottorff is the friendly voice that you will hear when your call our office. Jolene  schedules my appointments and does my book work and I also have a fireman help me on his off days. I still work out in the field pretty much everyday as well!

In 2004 I started selling wood stoves and inserts as well as gas inserts. We used to have a showroom at my property along with my office which was available to view by appointment only. In October of 2011 we moved our offices and showroom to a bigger location 866 S State St, Greenfield, Indiana. Stop by and check us out!